Sunday, March 18, 2018


Retrieved the Camera
At the 14th Street Y with Amina and Mary Megalli
 Before the show
 About twenty minutes in the Fire alarm went off and we were evacuated in a very orderly fashion to the street.
 Ladder Company #3 Responded, went in and checked the building out.
All clear in about fifteen minutes and we resumed.
" Egypt Dances"
Narrated in person by Dr. Magda Saleh, Prema Ballarina of Egypt and the filmmaker.
Here she is on the right posing with her old friend Mary.
 Wonderful crafts for kids occupies the same floor so we had a look
 Wonderful projects on display,
Sun down. I walked home.
That's when I discovered I was without my camera!
I retraced steps, called the Y which was closed so left a message. I gave up on it, however a call came early this morning and the Y was holding the camera for me. A patron had found it and turned it in to the desk.
Grateful for good people.


Ever since reading "The Gargoyle Hunters"
my eye finds them all over Manhattan
 In case you missed it:

Endless Winter
Most skies eventually ended up grey despite sudden bursts of sunlight and some glorious sunsets. The temperatures swung from the forties to twenties depending on prevailing winds and there were scattered snow and rain showers. Another storm promised next week!
Some skies were touchingly pale, but my dominant condition all week was 'under the weather. I spent a great deal of time napping and some hours writing at home.

Housing Works continues to provide free entertainment with their great sound tracks and interesting browsing. Though I'm not buying, I like stopping in to visit other peoples pasts,
often meeting delightful critters like Pandy whose 'mother' carries many costumes and accessories for her. She is a willing poser and very sweet. She turns a dark mood bright.
The cross of Epiphany Catholic Church dominates the sky at this corner a block from the street where I've lived for forty eight years - as it did throughout my childhood in another time and place.
For lent, hundreds of prayer ribbons with individual messages penned by believers are tied to all the fences that surround it.

I got a great two-bear hug from old friends Nemo and Julio when I dragged myself out of bed to stop in for an hour and wish Julio Happy forty first Birthday, toasting him with a glass of cranberry juice.
See all the photos:

Tibet House opening and I rallied again for an hour to see the gorgeous new show "Divine Feminine" Masterpieces from Nepal. Runs through May 11th
(Wine and water for visitors)

 Just the center section.
 close up

 Just home, rest, recuperation

A beautiful day, traveled to the 14th street Y to meet Amina and Mary Megalli for a Special film by Dr. Magda Saleh on Egyptian Dance
Tragedy Struck Again
Full of some swell portraits taken of these friends. There will be no more photographs for awhile. I have another camera but need a friend to help set up the computer connection.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


MARCH 14th 2018
34 East 14th Street
New York City

Happy Birthday Julio M. Perea
Adriana Scopino and John Marcus Powell
 R.Nemo Hill and John
 Walter Ancarrow
 Michelle and Walter
Julios old Friend Greg
 Julio- Julius Lang -Joseph O'dea
Two anonymous bar patrons, Julio and Julius
Walter works the Hula hoop
 Douglas Landau
 Nemo, Julio, John and Julius
 Plus Joseph
 Two-bear hug for Me
The Lovers Kiss

Top Billboard Hits
(Julio's birth year)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Beauty at the Natural Green Market
At Home
Supper and another episode
Season 9

At 28 minutes after Midnight
I reset the Clock

"My answers are inadequate
To those demanding day and date
And ever set a tiny shock
Through strangers asking what's o'clock;
Whose days are spent in whittling rhyme-
What's time to her, or she to Time?"

-Dorothy Parker-

Making Plans for a Museum Visit

(screen shot self portrait)

(from 'Bob and Sophies French Adventure')
"American Gothic, the picture of a stern old farming couple standing in front of their barn, has been seen by everyone.The painter exhibited the canvas in Chicago at the age of 39. At the age of 50 he was dead from pancreatic cancer. In his brief career he produced some memorable works and a few masterpieces. This 1935 canvas is called Death on the Ridge Road. The composition a sure sign that some human genius burns so brightly it simply can't last long. In this picture the encroaching darkness, the almost toy town joyfulness of the truck and the interplay of rain with the cross like telegraph poles are gloriously sombre. True American Gothic."

(screen shot)
  "He is thought by some to be America's greatest Arts and Crafts school painter. There is an exhibition at the Whitney in NY that runs 'til June. Here's the website with more of the works in the exhibition."
Whitney Museum of American Art 
Fridays 7-9:30 pm

Constitutional Before Sleep
Around Gramercy Park
Many famous folks lived here and more recently, Jimmy Fallon who first bought two apartments for his Mother and himself. His mother died last November. He has since purchased three more units.
34 Gramercy Park
(look inside)
Con Edison Sets Up For?
Third Avenue between 20/21st Streets

Short trip to the post office and a view of the Chrysler Building.

Nothing serious, simply ordinary chronic conditions acting up, so I am 'under the weather' before our third storm lands tonight and taking a day of rest and recuperation missing my weekly writing group.
In the mail today
 A Package I sent to Grace Forest was returned
for Grace update see 

Still laying low at home. The snow has not made much impact on my neighborhood but some icy conditions and wind are present with more snow possible. The news is depressing at best. New England is snowed in and I'm returning to the memory of a  storm years ago and the dear friends of my heart there.